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released June 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Chunder Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint-Petersburg alternative punk band since 2015

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Track Name: Still
And I go back to my house, stay stoned
And I go straight to my house, stay stoned
Tell me go back, and I go stay stoned
Yes I go back and my heart is still
I'm carrying bad days on my own
Starring at haze
(And I go back to my house, stay stoned)
Carrying all days on my own, tell me go back
(And I go back cause my heart is still)
I'm carrying bad days on my own
Starring at haze
(And I go back to my house, stay stoned)
Yes I go back, no doubt about it
Track Name: Ghost
You're looking at a coast
And hoping for the best
And I'm looking like a ghost
I'm heading to the west

You need to rest a bit
To leave it all behind
The only thing I need
Is to stay out of sight
I'm staying out of sight
Track Name: Sell Out
Hurry up
New sell out
Want you to spend
And to consume

You should be proud
Of yourself
Cause you are able
To take part

And make new friends
With perfect skin
And follow trends
And buy new things

And buy new shit that you don't need
Track Name: Line Of Sight
When you don't know how long it lasts
And can't say how far can it go
You stay with your mistakes
You're trying to accept the past
That's all you know

Let's get out to
Let's get out to start it
Let's give no trust
Cause it's a waste

Why are you trying to be loud
And keep on screaming at the wall
Your voice is lost in crowd
Cause you too cautious to be proud
And do you know

Why you feel so
Why you feel so tired
Let's not hope
Cause it's a waste

I know you wanted to break away
No matter how many chances you take
Take one more chance and try anyway
Take one more chance and stay on your way

Keep your faith
And stand on your way
Track Name: Behind
Noone can hide from me
I don't care, who you wanna be
Look away, I'm ready to attack
Always stand right behind your back

Life's an uphill fight and you can't stand it, until you defeat your worst enemy - yourself

I'm inprisoned in my own skin
Always look for solutions in other places
It's get worse when I begin
Search for answers in other faces

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